What’s the deal with Daxxify?

A woman is seen lying down with her eyes closed from the point of view of a cosmetologist administering an injection into her forehead.

Discover the new Botox alternative!

ICYMI, there is a new Botox alternative on the market that is making headlines while attracting a loyal customer base in the process. Daxxify could be better than Botox for a number of reasons. We’ll take you through each one in this blog post before inviting you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zelinger. 

Without further delay, we give you the rundown on Daxxify… 

Daxxify: possibly the most innovative injectable to date!

For women and men eager to stop the advancing of time across their faces, injectables like Botox have been the go-to solution. Until now. 

A new contender has entered the anti-aging ring. Daxxify is FDA approved and is turning the heads of even the most diehard Botox lovers for a few reasons. 

First, and perhaps the most compelling, is that a typical result from Daxxify lasts longer than Botox.

Second, it’s vegan friendly!

Moreover, the results are impressive and noticeable almost immediately. Research shows that only a month after Daxxify injections, 98% of patients had little to no wrinkles and 50% of those were completely wrinkle-free six months following their first treatment. 

Side effects are minimal

You needn’t have a daring nature to try Daxxify. Not only is it FDA approved, the side effects from Daxxify are minimal. The most common reported side effects were headache (6% of users), drooping eyelids (2%), and facial asymmetry (1%).

Discover the potential of Daxxify to erase your frown lines for a smoother complexion and increased confidence. Contact our office to schedule your consultation! 

(*)Individual results may vary. Photos are examples of possible results. Please consult with our staff to find out what may work best for you.