The Finer Points of Plasma Resurfacing

Woman with Beautiful Skin

Smooth SkinFor those unfamiliar with plasma resurfacing, this is the ideal solution to smooth out a variety of skin issues. From sun damage to acne scarring, blemishes of all shapes and sizes, wrinkles and fine lines, plasma resurfacing provides a proven method to improve the skin’s surface without the use of lasers.

The premier and exclusive treatment clinically proven to regenerate skin, this technology targets beneath the skin’s surface to rebuild it, with new skin cells replacing the old ones, resulting in a remarkable improvement in a short amount of time.

Our office features Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration; rather than just resurface the skin, this technique delivers results that actually improve your skin with time — not typical of most skincare solutions. You can expect to notice improvements in your skin’s tone and texture almost right away, and some patients can continue to observe the regenerative effects for up to one year.* Individual results will vary. This impressive innovation naturally begs the question, how does plasma resurfacing work?

Understanding How Plasma Resurfacing Works

Noninvasive and non-contact, plasma resurfacing relies on a small stylist, which delivers nitrogen plasma to the overall structure of your skin, resulting in the thorough regeneration of your skin’s cells. As new skin regenerates, the surface layers of your skin serve as protection for the process.
Plasma resurfacing has been proven safe in clinical studies and FDA-approved for the treatment of superficial skin lesions, fine lines and wrinkles, actinic and seborrheic keratosis (patchy areas of the skin), and viral papillomata (benign tumors); unlike laser treatments, Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration doesn’t rely on the light radiation associated with laser therapies.

Your in-office visit will be quick, approximately 15 minutes per treatment. Impressive, considering that plasma resurfacing will improve your skin’s condition after the first application, and will continue to regenerate, delivering results that get better with time. This speedy procedure is followed by rapid recovery, estimated between one to two days. Within the space of a week, patients often feel like themselves without makeup.* Individual results will vary.

If you’re interested in regenerating your skin for an unmistakably improved appearance, contact our office to schedule an appointment for your plasma resurfacing procedure.

(*)Individual results may vary. Photos are examples of possible results. Please consult with our staff to find out what may work best for you.