The whole experience was fast and pleasant

“I went to see Dr. Zelinger yesterday to get my tattoo removed. The whole experience was fast and pleasant—Incredible! This’s been my first time to remove a tattoo so I got to hear everything I needed to know before it started. I used to consider tattoo removal a scary, huge and complicated surgery with a tedious procedure, which turned to be the opposite by Dr. Zelinger. It took like 5 mins, hurt a little bit but not much as you were getting the tattoo, plus it was really quick so probably you won’t feel a thing. The thing I learned from Dr. Zelinger is that, you’ll need less treatment sessions if you give more time space in between the sessions. 3 months time space is standard, the longer, the better. In other words, you can save big bucks if you are not in a hurry. I’m in no rush, so I’m gonna go back to see him in August for my 2nd treatment. If you need a tattoo removal in Philly, this is THE place. Dr. Zelinger is the best! You already regret a tattoo, you can’t afford regretting a tattoo removal!”

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