Dr. Zelinger is a miracle worker!

Dr. Zelinger is a miracle worker! I just turned 50 and the bags under my eyes were horrible. I looked like I hadn’t slept in a year or was an old man. His procedure to fix it is so good that afterwards, people would say things like “you look like you lost weight” which meant that they couldn’t tell I had a procedure done. Basically, they were saying “you look great”. Other comments were “you look really healthy, have you been working out a lot”. And only 1 close friend who also had similar bags under his eyes figured it out. I gave him Dr Zelinger’s number and he made an appointment right away. Fixing the bags under my eyes was the best thing about turning 50! The other great news is that it was fairly inexpensive. All of that would be enough to convince me but he is also a Doctor who puts you at ease with his great bedside manner. For me, getting work done on my face was scary. I had visions of winding up like Mickey Rourke. The fear goes away almost instantly when you start talking to Dr Zelinger. I felt like he really empathized with my fears and he really makes it a great experience. On top of all that, he does mind blowing work. I still can’t believe how good I look! Thank you thank you thank you. I could go on for pages about how good I look and how much more confident I feel. Do yourself a favor and stop in for a consultation.

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