Pretty & Plump Hands & Faces with Radiesse

Wrinkled, elderly hands

Whether you’re looking to lose an extra few pounds, remove unsightly spider veins, or take away that regretful lower back tattoo of yours, we’ve got a solution for just about everything.

But what about your hands? While we can help you fight the signs of aging in hollowed cheeks, there’s not much to be done about your hands… Or is there?

Radiesse: The only FDA approved anti-aging filler for hands

Hands often lose volume with age. Cheeks become more hollow and less full as we age and lose natural plumpness that comes with youth. Arms and legs often become less full as well, but those losses are less noticeable given the musculature beneath. Hands, however, are not usually exercised in such a way to build muscle. Thin, hollowed hands can give away your age. 

You may be familiar with Radiesse. Radiesse is a gel-like anti-aging filler commonly also used in the face for nasolabial lines, smile lines, wrinkles, and other areas of the face that have lost collagen and fullness with age. Radiesse does gradually become absorbed in the body, but it also stimulates collagen production in hopes that your body will pick up the slack.

Don’t believe us? Take a look!

The following photos are courtesy of Radiesse’s website

Radiesse before and after on hands
Radiesse before & after photo of hands

Radiesse reports: “In a study of 114 patients receiving RADIESSE in the hands 98% maintained significant improvement at month 3, and 86% maintained improvement at month 12.” What this means is that individuals have enjoyed results for up to 12 months!*

If you’re ready for Radiesse, for your hands or your face, contact us today to schedule your appointment!

(*)Individual results may vary. Photos are examples of possible results. Please consult with our staff to find out what may work best for you.