Don’t Fear the Cold: 3 Reasons Why Cold Weather is Good for Skin

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It’s the time of year for cold, unbearable temperatures. One of the things that’s synonymous with winter is dry, chapped lips and dry skin. But is cold weather actually good for your skin? Cooler temperatures can have a different effect on your skin than warmer temperatures. For example, when it’s warm out, your body “swells”. You may have a difficult time fitting your rings on your fingers or slipping into skin-tight non-stretchy clothes.

What about cold weather, though?

1. Say goodbye to puffiness

You may often see puffiness in your cheeks and hands when it’s warmer out. You may find that your skin is much tighter and less paunchy than it is when it is warmer out. Cold weather actually promotes blood circulation, which can decrease inflammation and swelling. Keep in mind that in warm weather conditions salt intake can promote swelling in your body. This is the reason why if you purchase a ring (such as an engagement ring) you will want to avoid having that ring sized until warmer weather, to make sure your ring fits you all year round.

2. Less sweat, less potential breakouts

Because you are sweating less in the winter, you may be privy to less potential breakouts. Your skin is a lot less oily as your body reduces sweat production (as well as sebum production), and you may not need to wash your face as often as you may during warmer weather. The cold weather can also act as an astringent, contracting skin cells and making the pores smaller, keeping bacteria and other unwanted materials out of your pores.

3. Your face looks great — for a lot of reasons

Since cooler temperatures are better for sleep (science states that the best sleep temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit), you’ll not only find yourself feeling more rested in the winter, you’ll also see less bags under the eyes, puffiness in your eyes, and an overall better look to your face and skin in the wintertime. Cold air, just like a cold shower or a cold blast of water in the morning, can help tighten your skin and make it look more vibrant.

Don’t feel so bad about the winter months. Instead, focus on how great your skin looks in the meantime!

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