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Tattoo Removal

Performed by Dr. Evan Zelinger

Best of Philly 2016

“Discover A Safe, Non-Excision Non-surgical Tattoo Removal Treatment And Get Rid of That Unwanted Tattoo...Starting Today!”

Before & Afters

Chest Tattoo Removal Neck Tattoo Removal Cheek Tattoo Removal Cheek Tattoo Removal Love Tattoo Removal Neck Tattoo Removal Tattoo Removal Star Tattoo Removal Panther Tattoo Removal Panther Tattoo Removal Ear Tattoo Removal Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Cheek Tattoo Removal Foot Tattoo Removal Name Tattoo Removal Back Tattoo Removal Neck Tattoo Removal Wolf Tattoo Removal Reaper Tattoo Removal Sleeve Tattoo Removal Wrist Tattoo Removal Arm Tattoo Removal Morrissey Tattoo Removal Tribal Tattoo Removal Pizza Tattoo Removal Turtle Tattoo Removal Line Tattoo Removal Lettering Tattoo Removal Butterfly Tattoo Removal Lettering Tattoo Removal Sun Tattoo Removal Face Tattoo Removal Hand Tattoo Removal Demon Tattoo Removal

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Here's The Skinny

  • Non-Surgical Safe Removal of Tattoos
  • Permanent and Non-Surgical
  • Safe For All Skin Types
  • See Fading In As Little As 2-4 Weeks
  • Increase Your Confidence Fast & Easy
  • Full or Partial Removal Of Tattoos.

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What are the costs?

Tattoo Removal Costs are generally based on size, color, depth of ink, and the number of treatments needed. A free consultation with Dr. Zelinger will determine your particular tattoo removal plan.

Here are some examples

Tattoo removal will cost $400 per treatment for tattoos less than the size of your palm. 

An in-between size tattoo would be $325 per treatment.

Simple (one color) black or red tattoos less than the size of a quarter will be $250 per treatment.

An evaluation & consultation are necessary for a price quote for multiple tattoos or larger tattoos (The price does not necessarily increase with larger or multiple tattoos).

We accept all major credit cards. Tattoo removal is an elective procedure and therefore will not be covered by any medical insurance carrier. Not all tattoos react the same way to laser light.

The amount of treatments required depends on the quality, color and depth of the tattoo inks. Black and red are the easiest colors to remove. The older the tattoo the easier it is to remove. 

Amateur/home done tattoos usually will require 1-5 treatments. Professional tattoos require an average of 3-9 treatments. The treatments are spaced out every 12 weeks or more. 

Answers to frequently asked questions

Black and red usually are the easiest colors to remove.

Older tattoos are easier to remove.

Amateur or very simple tattoos may require 1-5 treatments.

Professional tattoos with more color and depth may require 3-10 treatments.

Treatments are spaced out every 8-12 weeks or more.

How is the tattoo removed?

Tattoos range in color. The laser Tattoo Removal technology is designed to target each color by using a specific wavelength of light which will destroy the ink. Certain colors of light are absorbed by specific colors of the tattoo ink; the rapid burst of light causes the tattoo ink to fracture. The body's immune system will then slowly remove the shattered pieces over the following weeks to months — this will permanently remove the destroyed ink.

Does it hurt?

The impact of the pulse of light is similar to the snap of a rubber band; most of our patients tolerate the procedure with no anesthesia. Ask Dr. Zelinger how to make the procedure more comfortable — cold air or an ice pack may be used to minimize the discomfort, and there are many options for safe anesthesia such as numbing cream, numbing injections, or even oral medications for very large tattoos.

How to care for the Tattoo after Laser tattoo removal?

The tattoo will be covered with antibacterial ointment and a nonstick bandage will cover the skin. The tattoo should be kept clean but not scrubbed.

What will the tattoo look like after laser tattoo removal?

Immediately after the laser treatment, your tattoo may have a white discoloration, and the area around the tattoo may be slightly swollen and red. You might have a sensation of sunburn at the treatment area. The tattoo will look foggy for about 2-3 weeks while it is fading.

Can the tattoo be completely removed with laser tattoo removal?

In many cases the tattoo will be undetectable; however, ink used in tattooing is not FDA regulated. Not knowing which ink, how deep, or how much ink was used makes it impossible for us to predict the degree of removal on any given tattoo. Best results usually are achieved with red and black.

How many treatments are required?

This depends mainly on the colors & depth of the tattoo. Treatments should be spaced at least 8-12 weeks apart — this will give your body time to heal. For best results, several treatments may be required.

What type of laser wavelengths does Dr. Zelinger use?

Q-switched 1064nm (black and dark colors)
Q-switched 532nm (reds oranges and some yellows)
Q-switched 650nm (green and blue)
Q-switched 585nm (blue and yellow)
Q-switched 755nm (green, blues and browns)

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