QWO Injectables

If you suffer from severe cellulite dimpling in your buttocks area, a Qwo® treatment might be right for you. Qwo® is not intended for laxity treatment, rather it targets the protruding fat caused by excess cellulite in the buttocks. 

What is It?

The Qwo® injection is supplied as a “sterile, preservative-free lyophilized powder in a single-use vial.” An injection per dimple is recommended (although some situations may require more than one dose in a single dimple), and patients may receive up to 12 injections per buttock, for a maximum of 24 injections total. A small needle will be inserted into the buttocks at an angle and then repositioned twice to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

How It Works

A Qwo® treatment does not show results immediately. The treatment initiates a process called Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling (ESR™). This process essentially targets the fat lobules in the cellulite on the buttocks and releases the tension holding the fat together. Once the tension is released, the fat lobules will reorganize and spread out more evenly. This produces smoother looking skin. 

Because of the breakdown of enzymes in the fibrous septae, the body automatically tries to heal the surrounding area by creating new collagen, which thickens the dermis and rebuilds the collagen network. 

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

On average, patients should expect to complete three treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. 
Do you want to reduce your moderate to severe cellulite and have smoother looking skin in your buttocks? See if  Qwo® is right for you! Contact us today to request more information or set up an appointment!